Why A Food Prep Freezer Is Important For Your Commercial Kitchen?

If you have a food related or catering business, then you probably understand the importance of food prep freezers. For restaurant owners, no matter how appetizing their delicacies are, the right cooking and storage equipments are necessary.

A regular cooking appliance is typically too small for a restaurant's needs, and most likely won't supply demand. Faulty commercial appliances can cause the same problem - a product that doesn't work right can ruin inventory, limiting your daily output and preventing sales. When it comes to a food prep freezer, it’s an important part of the set up of any café or restaurant. It helps you to store the food items efficiently and also gives you a chance of appealing the potential buyers at the time when you prepare the dishes on a work top in front of your customers. In addition to being great to look at, a food prep freezer should be fit for purpose and practical. You can’t even imagine how much turnover you will generate by installing such commercial refrigeration equipment. Likewise, a lot of caterers and shop owners keep many thousands of pound's worth of food cooled by having food prep freezers installed in their premises. You just can’t underrate how important commercial refrigeration equipments are to some people, especially retailers and super mart owners.

If you are looking to buy refrigeration appliances for your outlet, you can easily find some of the leading manufacturers in your area that offer a wide selection fridges, dairy cabinets, food prep freezers, multideck chiller, chilled counters, display fridges and many more to choose from. There are a number of suppliers that offer lockable and shuttered food prep counters that prevents the risk of theft. You just need to choose as per your business tastes and preferences and don’t forget the measure the premises before finalizing the purchase.


Moreover, it is essential for the commercial kitchens to meet certain health and safety regulations, including storing food at the exact temperature, in order to keep raw food and prepared foods separately while making sure that there must be no cross contamination. There are numerous types of food prep freezers available in the marketplace. It’s all up to you, which one best suits your business requirements.

Moreover, never compromise on the ranking of the supplier. Always, choose a reputable catering equipment supplier who can help you select the best food prep freezer for your food business. There is a possibility that these guys have plenty of years experience in the food industry and they can give you advice on what's good for your business and what not.

There are several manufacturers that offer an incredible range of food prep freezers with varying choices in dimensions, styles and specifications to choose from.  Be assured that you are getting a reliable and attractive product to complement any business layout. Prefer the supplier with an experienced team of professionals who will help you decide which type of equipment suits your need and budget. Then, what are you waiting for? Just have a look and choose as per your business requirements!

Difference Between A Commercial Cold Room & A Freezer Room

Cold Room

Cold rooms are defined as; modular structures that are especially designed to preserve uniform temperature within. They are made up of panels with flexible sizes in order to ensure that there is enough space for storage. Commercial Cold Rooms in UK are available in multiple dimensions, outfitted with features for optimal temperature management. In actual fact, typical cold rooms have the ability to maintain temperatures ranging from -50°C to +15°C.

At the outset, you need to know that commercial cold rooms are entirely different from the domestic storages. When it comes to the commercial cold rooms, they enable you to store the material at constant low temperatures and you can ideally replace multiple upright freezers with a huge insulated-room having separate reach in freezer compartments with controllable temperature and upheld by a main refrigeration-system. These cold rooms are perfect for the storage of DNA (genetic material), donor tissues and allograft s for surgical transplantation and contain individual freezer-compartments with temperatures as low as -65 degrees. All contemporary cold rooms come with CSZ’s touchscreen controller with 7-inches or optional 10-inches touch screen and the most advanced in-test chamber programming for easy access. Other features include; data logging, data file access with a memory stick or computer, Ethernet control and monitoring, alarm-warning through email, phone or message, data file backup, full-system-security, and online-assistance in numerous languages etc.


Freezer Room

Freezer rooms are the units used for commercially storing food items and sometimes medical supplies, considering a staple storage solution for years. While staying in the food-related and catering industry, you will require a few prerequisites before you can start full operations. Irrespective of taking care of the essential permits, licenses, and accreditation, it's also vital to invest in different food storage and catering equipment. One of the most needed equipment when it comes to food enterprises is a Arneg walk in freezer room. If you don't prefer to buy freezer rooms for sale right away, you can also hire them. Here are some of the tips that might come handy when you are investing a lot of money on such costly equipments for your business.

Freezer room enable far more flexibility when being utilized as a cold storage option. Despite the fact that many just think the possibility for transport and shipping when they think of a freezer room, their use as a static storage solution is becoming widespread in almost every industry.

Undoubtedly, versatility is a container's major advantage; you can easily move your freezer room around when it is not in use, saves up space and being able to transport it to other locations can eliminate the need for refrigerated trucks and other specialty transportation.

Difference Between Thermoelectric and Compressor Cooled Wine Coolers

If you wish to keeps a good collection of wine in your shop or a restaurant. The dual temperature wine fridge is the best option when it comes to storing and displaying the wine collection. Storing the wine at the right temperature is very important for the texture and quality of the wine. The wine cannot be stored in the regular refrigerator because it cannot provide it with the right humidity and temperature which can only be provide by the wine coolers.

The wine refrigerators are equipped with two types of cooling systems:

  • Thermoelectric cooling
  • Compressor cooling

Both of the systems have their own advantages.

Pros of thermoelectric cooling:

Energy efficiency:

The wine refrigerators which have thermoelectric cooling are very energy efficient. The reason behind their efficiency is that less moving parts which means that it needs less power to operate. The energy consumption of the thermoelectric cooling is much lower than the coolers which are compressor controlled.

Very little noise:

There is very little movement of the internal parts in the thermoelectric cooling which causes the appliance to generate very little noise. This makes it very suitable for using in the hotel rooms as it makes almost no noise.

No vibration:

The traditional wine coolers create a little hum as it slightly vibrates but a wine cooler featuring thermoelectric cooling does not vibrate at all. This is an excellent feature because the constant vibration is not very good for the wine stored inside the cooler.


Cons of thermoelectric cooling:

Suitable for small capacities:

The thermoelectric cooling is not as powerful as the compressor cooling system which means that it cannot be used for cooler with large storage capacity. It is only good for the coolers which have small capacity.

Sensitivity to heat:

If you live in a place where the temperature is pretty high then thermoelectric cooling is not the best system to have. This system does not work very well in unstable conditions or extra warm environments. The cooling capacity of the wine coolers & bottle cooler fridge with this cooling system is definitely affected by the high ambient temperature.

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Advantages of compressor cooling:

Very powerful operation:

As compared to the thermoelectric cooling systems, this system has very powerful cooling capacity. Most of the built-in wine coolers are equipped with compressor cooling systems.

Perfect for high capacity:

It has powerful cooling capacity which makes it very suitable to handle the wine refrigerators with large capacity. It can very easily handle the heavy load. It is more suitable to buy the coolers with compressor cooling for the bars because for a bar large capacity coolers are required.


Easily adaptable to the environmental stress:

Another advantage of compressor cooling system is that it can adapt to the changing temperature in a better way. It can also endure the extra heat loads which help in maintain a stable internal temperature despite of varying environmental conditions.

Disadvantages of compressor cooling:


Its compressor has a lot of moving parts and this can cause a little vibration in the wine cooler. You can absorb the slight movement by using rubber brushing.

Slight noise:

As it contains moving parts, compressor cooled wine coolers produce a little noise. It is a small hum similar to the sound of the regular refrigerator. Rubber brushes can be used to dull the sound.

Which one to choose:

Your choice depends upon the function that you want the cooler to perform. If you are looking for displaying and storing large collection of wine bottles then the compressor cooled wine cooler from Interlevin is best for you. If you are going to store a few wine bottles then choose thermostatic cooled wine refrigerator.

Comparing Isark 2170mm Freezer Room & Arneg 2370mm Freezer Room With Flooring

Are you looking for an efficient and a reliable walk in freezer room for your food-related business, then you don’t need to worry at all! Here in this article, we will discuss about the detailed design and specs of both Isark KISNA2008 2170mm Freezer Room & Arneg 2370mm High Remote Freezer Room, so you can choose the best appliance ever.

Isark KISNA2008 2170mm Freezer Room

Isark’s freezer room comes flat packed for easy assembly on site. Offers low energy consumption and is supplied with Phenolic resin floor. Food-safe grade, galvanized steel cladding is used for the vertical walls and roof. Contains polyurethane insulation, which is 85mm thick. The modules are joined together by connecting two metal catches with anti-corrosion treatment, fitted in high resistance PVC camlocks. The best finishes guarantee quality and robustness as they are made in a modern plant meeting the most stringent European standards. Fully equipped with refrigeration monobloc, interior & exterior baseboards, sanitary profiles. Contains fitted pressure release valves. These freezer rooms are not supplied with racks or shelves. It has a temperature range of -15ºC to -25ºC and costs £2907.


KoolMax Group’s Arneg 2370mm High Remote Chiller Room With Flooring: 80 mm

This Arneg room has external dimensions of h2370mm.This Arneg room has 80mm PU Insulation.

Standard specifications of Arneg freezer room include; Lockable door already hung and complete with furniture and gasket, Fully cam-locking modular walls and ceilings, High density PU insulation, Anti-slip PVC coated galvanized steel floor, Stainless steel door step with all walls and ceilings are white finish front and back.

Please  Note:

The floor should be in level and if, in case you are not sure about the floor level please look a site survey with our expert in order to avoid any inconvenience and further charges. Installation cost subject to survey and will be provided separately later on.


The price of this freezer room is £962.03.


So, we conclude it this way; as compared to Isark KISNA2008 2170mm Freezer Room & Arneg 2370mm High Remote Freezer Room,  is much better in terms of capacity, price and warranty. Although both freezer rooms & commercial cold rooms from Koolmax have almost same features, but you will see there’s a major difference in freezer room width’s, which is 2170mm for Isark and 2370mm for Arneg. Moreover, when it comes to price of  Isark KISNA2008 2170mm Freezer Room & Arneg 2370mm High Remote Freezer Room, it’s  £2907 and £962.03 respectively. As a matter of fact, KoolMax Group offers the most reliable product at a competitive price along with lease to buy option and after sales services from their store. The Arneg’s freezer room is warranted for 3 Years by the manufacturer on behalf of KoolMax Group. On the other hand, Cedtrade offers 1 year warranty for Isark KISNA2008 2170mm Freezer Room. Then, what are you waiting for? Just have a look and choose that best suits your business needs.

Features and Maintenance Tips for Food Prep Counters

The catering business is a very demanding business and it is very important to be efficient and use the best appliances in order to be efficient. The success of food business depends a lot on the quality of food and service and the catering appliances play a very important role in making it possible to have good quality food and also have efficient service.

The food prep counters with a refrigerated storage space are an excellent appliance to have for a catering business. The food prep counters along with refrigerated storage space make it very easy for the workers to work efficient as they can stored the required food in the under storage and prep the food on the top.


Basic applications of the refrigerated food prep counters:

The first and foremost application of these appliances is that they offer storage space as well the prep space for the food items that need to be cut, sliced. These appliances are very helpful in prepping the food before use. This can really increase the efficiency of the service.

These appliances are mostly used for storing food items like the ingredients for sandwiches, salads, pizzas and some other dishes. They can also be used for storing vegetables, pizza toppings, cheese, meat and even fruit. Apart from the above mentioned food items they can also be used for storing sauces and the desert toppings.

Important features:

Some of the important features of these refrigerated prep tables are as following:

These appliances feature backsplash, drawers, casters and pot racks. They are also equipped with drawers which provide the storage space for the food products. There are also appliances which come with adjustable shelves and pans as well. The appliances also feature removable cutting boards, sneeze guards and some crumb catchers as well.

While you are buying one it is always important to look for the ones which are Energy Star Rated. It will make sure that the appliances are energy efficient and they will have a much lower running cost. These appliances are either available with stainless steel finished backs or they are available with laminate finish.  There are some appliances which also feature of adding extra tray slides and you can also create dual sided tables. Buy food prep freezer from Koolmax with free delivery in UK Mainland.

The cooling system which is used mostly in these appliances is the Glycol cooling. It is very popular but it does require remote systems.


Maintenance tips for the appliances:

Maintenance is very important to ensure the efficiency of the appliance. It is very important to clean the condensers regularly and make the appliances more energy efficient. The refrigerated storage should be defrosted regularly. Make sure that all the prep table is cleaned daily and they should be cleaned properly but you should never use harsh chemicals because it can really damage the surface of the appliance.

The drawers and the doors should be cleaned properly as well. The doors should be cleaned so that the door gaskets work properly and the door gaskets make sure that the seals are in the best condition and there is no escaping of the cold air. Never forget to do the maintenance of the appliance because it will not only compromise the efficiency of the appliance but it will also decrease the life of the refrigerated prep tables.